Stainless Steel Angle

Stainless Steel Angle
Product Description
We are dealing in Steel Flat/ Angle/ Channels, which are also noted as the C-beams. These are the types of (commonly structural steel) beams, which are primarily employed in the building construction as well as civil engineering. The cross section of these products are reincorporated with wide "web", commonly but not always adjusted vertically. The products are distinguished from I-beam, H-beam or W-beams and are not used as much in construction as the symmetrical beams. Steel Flat/ Angle/ Channels are utilized to assist the bridge decks as well as several other large objects. These have ability to take in flex and other forces, which can damage more rigid I-beams and H-beams.  Key Points : Made accessible in variety of sizes, these are lighter and more flexible. Offer torsional strength as well as improved rigidity. Slightly powerful than the equal thickness of angle iron when utilized lengthwise. Have straight back as well as two perpendicular extensions. 
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